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New Life Nyambene only exists through the generosity of our donors. It is only with your support that we can continue our vital work rescuing children from a life of destitution, abuse and starvation and giving them a future.

By making a donation, sponsoring a child or holding a fundraising event, you will help transform the lives of some of Kenya’s most vulnerable children.

Volunteer for us

Are you passionate about rescuing children from the streets in Africa and supporting them to acheive their potential? Do you have fun and creative ideas for fundraising, and a few spare hours a month to turn these ideas into a reality? If so, our charity needs you!

If you are able to help, please send us your contact details and we will be in touch:

ALSO - For those interested in developing their career, we are seeking to recruit a Volunteer Funding and Partnership Development Officer. See the job application for job description, desirable skills, and details of how to apply:

Download the job application for Volunteer Funding and Partnership Development Officer.

The most pressing needs at the Children's Home:

Food Appeal

Staff member Patrick in the food 
            store at the Home

Kenya has been very badly hit by a sharp rise in food prices due to drought, crop failure and the pre-election violence in 2008 that disrupted farming activities. BBC News has reported an increase in maize prices by up to 120% within only a year. Ambrose Gichunge, manager of the Children’s Home, comments:

quote Food is a pressing financial need the children’s home is facing at present. This is because the prices of food such as maize, beans, rice and sugar went up. We are trying to explain [to] our children why they are getting little food now in their plates than before now but as you know children cannot understand problems quickly. quote

Vocational training – equipping the children for the future

While life has improved beyond measure for the children we have rescued from the streets, New Life Nyambene still has concerns about their future. Many are struggling academically because of the crucial first years of education they missed out on when they lived on the streets, and because of the glue they sniffed to escape the trauma they faced. Moreover, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics estimates that as many as 1 in 4 young Kenyans aged 15-24 years are unemployed. In a predominantly agricultural economy, most people in Kenya try to eke out a living from their family’s land. But for the orphaned and abandoned young people we support, who have no family to fall back on, this is not an option. There is a real danger that they could end up back on the streets as adults, unless they are equipped with the means of making a living.

Our solution to this is to build and staff a vocational training centre where young people at our Home and those still living on the streets can be trained in various trades. The vocational training centre will:

While we already have funding to build this centre, support with the ongoing development and maintenance costs is much needed. Why not consider sponsoring the salary of one of our vocational trainers? Or could you donate towards the costs of cloth, wood and other materials that will be needed for carpentry, tailoring, etc? We also currently lack funding to be able to provide a meal to the young people living on the streets who will access the training at the centre.

Can you help us? Please donate today.

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